Getting Cozy With… The Castellers!

The CastellersWe are a four piece RocknRoll group hailing from the North of England. The band are as follows; Ryan Healey (Vocals), Russell Robertson (lead guitar & keys), Paul Patterson (drums) & Ali Moretti (bass).

Our sound is a throw back to the sixties, from the Mod, garage & psychedelia scene. Bands such as the The Kinks, The Doors, The Who & The Byrds have had a massive influence on our tracks. We are recording at the moment, a few tracks are online & a couple more to follow soon. We’ll be gigging around England over the summer, shooting our first video & we’ll hopefully build our following & try & stir a bit of interest. We’ve had a strange old time so far; barred from rehearsal room, barred from venues, had equipment stolen, members sacked, etc. but we’re after a label this year so we’ve got our acts together & got on with recording.

The support we get from those that are into our music is massive & we genuinely appreciate it. We’re a band for the purists, so get involved good people.

Much Love,

The Castellers


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