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Jim PlattHey Everyone!

I’m Jim Platt and my band is Jim Platt’s Rhythm Innovation..Formed in Early 2012, I was heading into my buddy Rj’s Blue Sofa Studio, knowing that this EP was going to be a full band production and not just me playing an acoustic guitar singing like albums past. After reading an article of Noel Gallagher he had said, he didn’t want to just go out as Noel Gallagher so after getting the idea from a Jefferson airplane song “The High Flying Birds” he the called his new group Noel Gallagher and The High Flying Birds..So I thought that was a great idea! What could I call myself?? So I tossed around a few names before I got Rhythm Innovation..after almost a full year in the studio..the EP “Moving Through The Ages” was completed on November 3rd 2012…the Rhythm Innovation members consist of Scott Ruffner on Lead Guitar/Bass, Rj Dietrich on Drums/Guitar/Strings/ and Producer of the Album..Tim Krupar on Bass and Karen Dietrich on back up vocals… My influences are The Beatles especially John Lennon, if not for my dad playing the records of the Beatles and introducing me to Lennon songs I would’ve never picked up the guitar let alone write..others include: Oasis, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, The Kinks, The Who, The Young Veins, etc…

The album has got a lot of hope, love, and sadness All Alone In My Dreams our first single is about a story of a little boy who died went to heaven met his un born sister, his dads grandfather and Jesus came back to tell everyone! After seeing the story I immediately wrote the song to tell the story of what I’d like to see when I die, Cherry Blossom Girl is a song to get you ready for the spring time! It’s a fun happy song Roll On By the last track on the album was added at the last min. In June of 2012 my friends, friend got killed in a motorcycle accident as I did with all alone in my dreams I had read the comments by the friends and family an immediately sat down wrote the song in perspective of Ryan the young man who was killed ..talking to everyone letting them know it will be ok! I had fun! And ill see you all again someday! It’s a song I feel anyone could who lost someone could get a good feeling of peace out of..

Hopefully the album will continue to keep doing good! Hope to get a tour going this year! A music video for All Alone In My Dreams shot in April..Re Record two songs and a New Album I’m currently writing set to be recorded next spring! So I hope you like! Check out the links below go grab the album! You can find it on cdbaby, iTunes, amazon, band camp, you name’s there .. Links are below! Thank you for your support.


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