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Chaos Chaos
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Brooklyn based duo Chaos Chaos have been making quite the name for themselves. Comprised of super sisters Asy and Chloe Saaverda, the band make infectious indie pop tinged music with their own definitive slant. Currently on tour, Chaos Chaos spoke to AMBY about dressing up as Spider-Man, working on their album, and not being girls.

AMBY: How would you describe Chaos Chaos’ sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Chaos Chaos: We really love to blend unusual sounds with simple pop elements. We always try new instruments like didgeridoo and goodwill toy instruments because it inspires us to create things we haven’t tried yet. Our music sounds upbeat with some moody elements.

AMBY: You have recently released your latest single In This Place. Is there an album in the works?

Chaos Chaos: Yes! We just wrote for two weeks locked away in a cabin and will resume after our US tour with San Cisco. We are planning on releasing our full length this fall. I am beginning to get all these ideas for the vision of the album and it is getting me really excited.

AMBY: The video you did for In This Place using a bunch of kids toy instruments is quite cool. Where did the idea come from?

Chaos Chaos: Glad you like it! We always think its fun to challenge ourselves by trying to create music with limited supplies or in weird places like the woods. Woods are just inspiring in general, we love that atmosphere when playing and writing music.

AMBY: My Hands is such an infectious song, what is the story behind it

Chaos Chaos: Thank you! We tried to strip down the song as much as possible while still maintaining our sound. The lyrics are about being completely egocentric and letting it destruct you- in a party setting!

AMBY: Who inspires you as songwriters and musicians?

Chaos Chaos: People who aren’t afraid of change and recreating themselves – pj harvey, lykke li, questlove for Chloe. And also world musicians we go and watch at the Tea Lounge.

AMBY: Does living in Brooklyn, New York influence your music and if so, how?

Chaos Chaos: Yes there is so much music it’s overwhelming. But it’s mostly the anxiousness of the city that inspires us. The city has this intensity and is constantly in a state of movement – being a part if that is inspiring and influences the music.

AMBY: What would a movie based on the band be called?

Chaos Chaos: The adventures of two competitive, studious non-student grandma kids who call themselves Chaos Chaos (part 1!)

AMBY: Which three albums changed your life?

Chaos Chaos: Pj Harvey – Rid Of Me, Radiohead – Kid A, Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes.

AMBY: What is the funniest thing to happen to you at one of your gigs?

Chaos Chaos: Too many.. I choked on my own spit once while singing, Chloe got gum stuck to her leg, I was dressed up as Spider-Man and Toby McGuire was at the show!!

AMBY: What has you excited for 2013?

Chaos Chaos: Full length album!! I’m gonna get do into it. Also our Australian tour with San Cisco!

AMBY: If you could create a law that everyone would have to follow, what would it be?

Chaos Chaos: That everyone be forced to plan their life based around their dreams and what makes them happy.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Chaos Chaos that nobody knows yet?

Chaos Chaos: We sometimes say “vi är inte tjej” before we go onstage, which means we are not girls. I don’t really know why we say it but its to pump us up by making us feel that we should not let anything limit us.


Calling all Torontonians! Chaos Chaos are to play The Garrison, this Tuesday the 26th with San Cisco! That’s tomorrow, so be sure to head down if you want to catch a brilliant show! Thank you very much Chaos Chaos, for giving us your answers!

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