Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Cold Committee

Cold CommitteeBetween Cold Committee’s jangly guitars and bouncing basslines, you’ll fall in love with the little details this band put into their music. The quartet from North Wales are fantastic when it comes to crafty, well-written songs. So we’ll ask you this: Can you feel it in the air? Because we can! So AMBY spoke with Cold Committee about the story behind their name, dream gigs, and first concert experiences!

AMBY: Hello! Introduce yourselves; what’s a word for each band member that describes their personality?

CC: Hello! We’re Cold Committee, a new rock n’ roll band from lovely North Wales! Ah good question, there’s four of us in the band and we all get on really well… I’d have to start with Jordan (Vocals, Guitar), got to be ‘Driven’, like all of us he knows what he wants and works hard with us to make it happen! James (Guitar, Vocals) got to be ‘Fiery!’ Apart from the obvious reason, he already walks around like we’ve made it, thinking he’s the man. We love it though! Adam (Bass) has to be ‘Lazy’, just for the fact he’s always last to practice, or get in the van.. Usually still half asleep! Dunno about myself… Sam (Drums), I’d like to think I’m a little bit ‘Nuts’, especially when we play!

AMBY: How did the band come to be?

CC: Well, Jordan and James knew each other through college and started doing acoustic gigs locally, they went down really well so decided to give full band a shot! Jord knew Adam from school and luckily James had known me for a while… We all came to mine to play and it went from there! We met our Manager, Frankie Rizzo, through Facebook and it’s spiraled from there with gigs in London and the 8 day Pretty Green tour!

AMBY: Where did the name Cold Committee come from?

CC: I have no idea! We liked the word Committee, but it needed something else.. After a little look around, we stumbled across Cold and it worked really well! People seem to like it, so we’re not complaining.

AMBY: Who would your dream gig be with?

CC: Such a tough one… With so many good bands out there and with such a wide range of influence we wouldn’t know where to start! I’d have to say, with the Stones making a return this year, The Rolling Stones! They’re a massive influence to us as a band, as well as individually so that might have to be it!

AMBY: What’s your favourite lyric and why?

CC: Gonna have to be “But here’s my number, so call me maybe?” No but there’s loads to choose from, it’s hard! Anything that makes you think about it is always good… Champagne Supernova is ace, but anything said in James Brown’s voice can’t be doubted either!

AMBY: Tell us about the first concert you attended and what the experience was like.

CC: First concert I ever attended was Status Quo with my Grandparents.. Was class! Whoever we saw as kids must have done something right.. We all wanna be up there doing it ourselves now! Except I think James’ first gig was Gareth Gates.. The only thing he got from that was wearing white pants! Our first gig we did was a bit different.. We ended up playing in the rain to about 6 people, a few sheep in the field and a cone or two. Fun Times!

AMBY: Which song would you love to cover?

CC: Obviously we love playing our own songs to an audience, but you can’t help putting a cover or two in when you we play a pub! We like playing some crowd pleasers like The Who, Oasis and Jonny B Goode.. But the ultimate cover? Depends who plays it.. I’d like to say Roxanne by The Police, you can have a load of fun playing and do so much with it!
AMBY: What’s next for Cold Committee?

CC: 2013’s gonna be a big year for Cold Committee and we’re trying to get as much done as possible! We’ll be playing up and down the country all year spreading the word.. Which will hopefully help us look into getting signed and playing some bigger gigs! Until then we’re gonna keep playing and writing at home as well as in London. We’d all really love to play a festival at some point this year.. As long as it’s sunny, Jord misses his shorts!
AMBY: What’s the best song of 2012?

CC: Best song for 2012, for us, has to be R U Mine by Arctic Monkeys.. It’s class. We’re already looking forward to getting a little bit heavier someway down the road ourselves, but this is just an awesome song.

AMBY: And for our last question, what’s something about Cold Committee that nobody knows yet?

CC: Something you might not know.. Tough one. People might not know that all the songs are written and made in a little shed in my garden. And that we’ve only been together around 5 months.. At our first few gigs, I couldn’t tell which was Adam or Jordan! We know we haven’t been together long but a lot has happened in those months and we hope to keep it moving forward! Thanks a lot.. Keep it real.


Thank you very much Cold Committee, for giving us your answers!

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