Getting Cozy With… Mirage!

MirageAlreet. We’re Mirage a Four piece Alt/Funk Rock band hailing from the cold, north east of England. Consisting of Al Charnley, Jack Nicholson, Joe Dore, James Hedley. We got together and started writing around may/june 2012 and as band we started gigging from september 12′. We started of playing in local pubs but as gigs progressed we are now looking at large capacity, better support and headline shows in and ou of our area. Our music is very self influenced, we use each other to write our music and we believe we have the tunes to suit everyone’s tastes. If you’d like to hear our Debut EP and some early demos we done, head over to our BandCamp page for the EP and soundcloud for some demos. We hope you enjoy our music like we do and if you like what you hear.. go download all the music we have on offer on the websites for FREE!!




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