Playlisted: I Like to Rock!

PlaylistedI awoke this morning to find that the integer part of my age had advanced by one (i.e. it was my birthday). In years gone by I would have been excited by this. Presently, it has very little appeal to me. So, in an effort to forget the fact that I have a few less hairs on my head than last year, I have absorbed myself in some killer tracks this morning. Originally, this was just my playlist. My little pick-me-up. But that would be a little bit selfish of me to keep it all to myself! These are some amazing tunes that will keep you rocking through the day. Cheers and enjoy!

Kindred Shins – Mea Culpa
The Castellers – Jackson in the Barrel
Birds vs Planes – Narrow Angles EP
We Are the Physics – Goran Ivanisevic
The Moons – Jennifer (sits alone)
Sun Giant – Indulge
Psyence – Wounded Pigeon
Vincents – Milk
The Hypnotic Eye – Smashed! Blocked!
Holy Coves – Come Alive

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Michael Dakin // @SirMop26

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