Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Difference

The DifferenceFalkirk’s The Difference are rockin’ with lyrical attitude and gritty guitars. Recording their debut EP to be released later this month, AMBY wanted to catch up with the band to see what else has been keeping them busy. So come on soul shakers, check out our interview with The Difference where we talk about dream gigs, secret smiles, and theirdeep down dirty indie rock n’ roll” music!

AMBY: How would you describe The Difference’s sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Chrissy: We are a hard working band that have been making music for 3 years with various line-up changes along the way, although we haven’t released a lot of material we prefer to get things right before we release our music. We have our own unique sound as all our boys come from different backgrounds hence the name “The Difference”. What we do is different and we have our own fantastic “dirty” rock n roll vibe.

Ross: It’s unique. Indie rock but with more rhythm and feel.

Niall: Hard to pin point but an indie rock band with a kind of dessert rock sound.

Tam & Ryan: Deep Down Dirty Indie Rock n’ Roll!

AMBY: Soul Shaker is a tune we’ve really taken a liking to. How did that song come about?

Tam: We were in need of a proper banging track to kick off our E.P (due march), so I set about writing something that would resonate with people instantly. Chrissy is really good with lyrics so I gave him what I had and let him tweak it to suit his singing style and he came up with the catchy intro to the verse which ultimately ended up being the name of this track. The song can be interpreted differently from listener to listener. One fan sent us a message after we released it on Soundcloud to say that they loved the aggro sound it had and they thought it gave of the vibe that “Everyone’s had that bad day when all it takes is the right person to walk in at the wrong time and they are going to regret it”. There is also a cheeky reference in there “take you to the demon in the sky” implying that him upstairs isn’t all that squeaky clean ;-).

Chrissy: Our bass player Tam brought it to the table at first then we put a great bit of work into the track. I added the “soul shaker” intro bit and the “ooh’s and aahh’s” and the rest was down to the hard work and gelling of the band. It’s a strong track that instantly catches your attention with its hooky vibe.

AMBY: Who is your must follow on Twitter?

Ross: Russell Brand (@rustyrockets). He’s nuts!

Tam: Personally I like to stalk @RichardEGrant, He usually has some good witty banter but sadly we never get a reply, Swine! Also like to keep up with @OfficialSAMA for my fix of emerging Scottish artists.

AMBY: Who would you like to be most and least stuck in an elevator with?

Tam: Most – Noel Gallagher for some of his trademark wisdom, Least – Rihanna, I have no time for self-important arseholes.

Ryan: Most – Robin Williams pretty self-explanatory! Least – Nicholas Cage has the same voice tone and facial expression all the time!

Chrissy: I think most of the lads would say they’d hate to be stuck with me in there as I am a total wasp and I love being one! Ha-ha! In my case I’d hate to be in there with football pundit garth brooks he boils my blood!! I’d love to be in there with Elvis Presley I’d have so much to ask the greatest performer of all time!!

Niall: Most would be Dave Grohl and least would be either of them from Jedward.

Ross: Most – David Attenborough, Least – George W. Bush, guys an idiot!

AMBY: What do you have planned for 2013?

Tam: At the moment we are in the final stages of finishing work on our debut E.P so we will be touring that up and down the country and we have just been signed up to play our first outdoor festival on the 6th of May at Strathclyde Park’s Stereofunk Festival 2013, last year they sold over 2000 tickets for the event so we are buzzing on it!

Ross: Pretty much as Tam said get the E.P out and tour that bad boy and the more festivals the better for us, gives us the platform we need to reach the masses and get a bit of momentum.

Niall: Nothing really planned just keep doing what I’m doing and I imagine good things will come from it.

Chrissy: Really we just want to put our new tracks out there and become well known in our country we’re slowly but surely getting there and I believe this year is our year .We will force people to hear us coz I believe we are one of the most talented and catchy indie rock bands coming through in the UK at the moment if only you could hear what we here in rehearsal studio so watch this space and mark my words “We are The Difference…We do what we want!!

AMBY: Who would your dream gig be with?

Tam: I’m a massive fan of Oasis so either of the Gallagher brother’s current ventures would definetly be on my list, either that or the B.R.M.C I think they are awesome live. We were actually on the shortlist to support them at Glasgow’s Barrowland venue in March but we were denied by signed London Electro-Rock duo The Big Pink, maybe next time?

Ryan: The Who or The Arctic Monkeys would be up there for me.

Chrissy: Well there are a few bands so this is a toughie but I would love to play with Kasabian or the B.R.M.C, epic bands that deserve their glory!

Niall: Either Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Arctic Monkeys.

Ross: I would love to play with John Mayer or Kasabian, they are two completely different types of artists I really look up too.

AMBY: Which artists have you been listening to lately?

Niall: Foals, Two Door Cinema Club, Various Cruelties, Gaslight Anthem, The Maccabees, John Mayer, General Fiasco and many more.

Ross: Had some Red Hot Chilli Peppers, John Mayer on my playlist this week…Oh and The View aswell!

Chrissy: Hmm… to be honest I don’t listen to a lot of music I try not to be influenced but I love Creedence Clearwater Revival and loving The Black Keys right now!

Tam: Had a bit of “Buckingham nicks” on the go this week, keeping it old school! Right into Jake Bugg’s album at the moment, as well as some of our upcoming Scottish acts like The Vigo Thieves, The Imagineers, The Banter Thiefs and The Begbies to name a few.
Ryan: The Black Keys for me too, Class.

AMBY: If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would you choose?

Ross: Peter Kay, Slash and Tom Cruise. All would have some amazing stories.

Ryan: Tom Meighhan, Liam Gallagher and Tom Selleck, would be the coolest dinner ever!

Tam: Johnny Cash, Ozzy Osbourne and Eric Cantona, bet they’d have some stories to tell!

Chrissy: Michael Jackson, Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville ahahah kidding! Probably Lance Armstrong, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell.

Niall: Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney and Stephen Fry for me.

AMBY: What has you excited for 2013?

Tam: Looks like guitar music is on the rise again, people seem to be getting fed up being spoon fed cardboard cut-out acts that have been polluting our ears for the last few years and are switching onto the real bands again. All these talent shows and reality TV have been numbing people’s minds for too long its about time they all gave themselves a shake and went out and saw something real, there are bands in all the local scenes that are as good and often better than all the shit that’s rammed down our throats

Ryan: Not knowing what’s around the corner.

Ross: Just looking forward to getting on the road and showing people what we’re all about, we’ve been working hard for a long time now so it’s time we kicked the door off the hinges and make a go of it!

Chrissy: Festivals the thought of playing to thousands sends shivers down my spine here’s hoping!!!

Niall: Recently joining this band and hoping to gain some success through it.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about The Difference that nobody knows yet?

Tam: Our frontman Chrissy has an infamous party trick which involves him facing away from the urinal and still managing to hit the target (sometimes!). It’s a skill he’s clearly been practising for many years perfecting it!

Ross: A song that we dropped from the set some time ago might make a reappearance form the “Shadows” but it might sound a little different than before…wait and see.

Niall: Well I don’t really know much yet either so will be good to find that out!

Chrissy: Big James has left the band but Niall has stepped up to the plate! Oh and our drummer has a secret smile for guys ahahaha!!


Thank you The Difference, for giving us your answers!

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