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British HarlemDear AMBY,

We are British Harlem. We meet up and write songs. Then play them.

I suppose the best place to start would be with the name; it came about while I (Benny – lead vocals/guitar) was listening to Aretha’s version of Spanish Harlem on a grey afternoon. We listen to a lot of Motown and Soul, it’s honest music and the artists sing with balls and conviction, which there isn’t enough of in the mainstream at the minute. We definitely connect with that when we play, and i’d like to think it shows in the music we write. Also in the band is David on lead guitar, Ady on bass and Jord on drums. We’re all currently living in Swindon, England and got together through the love of music and hanging out together. We play, write and create what we do because we want to.

The mainstream music scale has been tipped in favor of electronica and fabricated pop songs for a while now, and that’s probably because it’s easier or more favorable for kids to create music on laptops now rather than learn real instruments. The thing we love the most is playing in a band together, that feeling of take 4 quarters of something and creating a song in front of people.

All our love,

British Harlem


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