Sigur Rós: Concert Review!

Sigur RosI’m not usually one to stumble over my words, yet when attempting to capture the experience that was witnessing Sigur Ros perform at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto March 30, 2013, I’m not really sure where to start.  Having missed them twice already over the past few years, the anticipation for this show was very high.  I have to admit I was leery that the size of the venue would detract from the intimacy of the show, especially given the majesty of Jonsi’s voice, however luckily I was wrong.

Upon my arrival to the venue, my tickets were upgraded, for according to the man at the door Sigur Ros wanted their listeners as close to the centre of the stage as possible; now that’s a pleasant surprise and a great way to kick off an amazing night!

Once seated, I was again taken aback by the transformation of the venue.  The stage was pushed forward and wrapped in a boxed screen and the back seats were empty.  The band came on promptly at 9pm, meaning they performed for a solid, mind-blowing 2 hours.  The first two songs were performed behind the graphic screen, which swirled elemental, abstract images that upped the ambiance.  The screen then dropped, and the band were visible with dream-like graphics above to compliment the music.

Blending new songs with classics, the show was a great mix of light, airy wonder with darker, heavier tracks.  With more electric guitar than expected, Jonsi’s voice managed to still resonate above all.  Living up to my expectations and in fact exceeding them, Sigur Ros make their way to the top as one of the most memorable shows I have thus far seen, and that is really saying a lot.

Nadia Kaakati  

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