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Madness and the Film
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We are a duo called Madness and the Film. There are two members in our band: David (31 years old) and Caroline (16 years old). David is from London but moved to New York in the summer of 2012 where he met Caroline through a mutual friend. Dodging visa problems and schoolwork, we managed to record an EP during this past fall and have plans to release it soon. In the meantime, we just released our first single called “London Town”, which can be listened to on SoundCloud:

There are quite a few concepts behind the name “Madness and the Film” that we have developed after choosing it as a name for our band. When we initially came up with “Madness and the Film” (after a long list of names that didn’t seem quite right…) it just seemed to fit so we didn’t actually begin to analyze the meaning behind the name until after we had decided to use it. Some thoughts about the meaning include the idea that someone’s madness has been encapsulated in a film and thus is on display for everyone to see. There is a kind of tragedy to it. But maybe also a dark humor… of not knowing whether you are actually insane or you are a performer trapped inside of a film and perhaps stuck in character. These are just some ideas… the meaning behind the name is really quite open to liberal interpretation!

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