Playlisted: Psychedelic Spectrum

PlaylistedI love a huge variety of music. In the past few months I decided to no longer look at the genre of the music before deciding to listen. I just give it a play and see what I like. This has opened the door to many new musical styles for me. But, I do have my preference. Psychedelic music. Inspired by my love of early psychedelic tunes, I have found a number of amazing bands active in this genre today. They have taken the original concept, torn it apart, and made it all their own. It is interesting to listen to the many takes on the same genre. So, this is the psychedelic spectrum. A range of tunes sure to keep you rockin’.

We’re No Heroes – Aerials
Purple Heart Parade – The Room
Sun Giant – Angel Woman
Inner Flight – Space Radio
White Bone Rattle – When I Return
Pond – Elegant Design
ValCale – Sunshine Goddess
Psyence – I Often Ponder

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Michael Dakin // @SirMop26

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