Kodaline: Leeds Concert Review!

Kodaline OneKodaline Brudenell Social Club Leeds 30/03/13

If I had to pick just one band to watch for the rest of year right now I’d quite happily choose Kodaline. So far I’ve already attended some pretty spectacular gigs Miles Kane at Wrexham’s intimate Central Station, The Enemy three times in the short space of a month and Kasabian at The Royal Albert Hall just to name, but a few and already Kodaline are big contenders for my favourite gig of the year with their performance at Leeds’s Brudenell Social Club.

I was lucky enough to recently catch Kodaline play their first ever gig in Coventry at iconic venue the Kasbah and what a gig it was. On record their music is perfect in person it’s even better, how can anything possibly be better than perfection? The answer in one word is quite simply Kodaline. With that in mind it’s fair to say I was more than a little excited to see them play once again and in such a small venue as the Brudenell Social Club. I very much doubt this time next year we’ll be given the same opportunity it’s only a matter of time before Kodaline are selling out large academy sized venues and ultimately embarking on arena tours yes they really are that good.

Kodaline TwoLeeds Brudenell Social Club is exactly as it sounds a social club and walking up to the venue you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the wrong place I checked my tickets  at least twice!! Inside it’s a different story don’t get me wrong it’s still very much a social club, but a bloody nice one at that, a fantastic stage that lets you get within touching distance of the band and a pretty impressive sound system I seriously couldn’t think of a better setting to catch one of your favourite bands perform live in.

Kodaline ThreeOpening for Kodaline was fellow Irishman Gavin James or as the previous night’s venue preferred to call him Gavin Jones! Now Jonesy like Kodaline certainly knows how to put on a good show. Whilst I rarely make comparisons between artists for me James was very much reminiscent of a cross between Get Cape Wear Cape Fly’s Sam Duckworth and Newton Faulkner in his style of play and banter, but with the welcomed addition of a bit of that famous Irish charm, a winning combination if you ask me.

Kodaline FourThe second of the night’s supports comes in the form of American four piece In The Valley Below who described as “a sultry collection of melodic duets in a bed of rumbling drums, synth machines, gritty guitars, and layers of strange and dreamy keyboards” deliver a performance as impressive as this description suggests they would. Unlike any other act I seen before they really are a talented bunch and with EP Hymnal released this week I’d strongly suggest you don’t just take my word for it.

Kodaline FiveWhilst every single track Kodaline perform will undoubtedly send shivers down your spine stand out tracks of the night with their beautifully performed melodies and amazing harmonies are High Hopes and All Comes Down. Highlight of the evening most definitely comes when Kodaline ditch the stage in favour of performing in the midst of the overjoyed crowd. Delivering a powerful acoustic rendition of Bring It On Home closely followed by a brilliant cover of Disclosure’s Latch it’s not long before the venue erupts into the biggest sing a long of the night with the crowd now firmly shackled in an embrace no one wants to end. Unfortunately it does have to end and Kodaline return to the stage for the moment in the gig when the hair on the back of your neck stands up the most as they close a truly memorable set with lead track from their debut self titled EP All I Want.

In reality all everyone wants next is nothing more than to do it all again, but for now at least we’ll have to settle for the prospect of another tour in the not so distant future alongside the upcoming release of In A Perfect World. an album already firmly in contention for my favourite of the year.


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