Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Strypes

The StrypesIt’s seriously impressive how great The Strypes are. Cavan, Ireland’s Ross Farrelly, Josh McClorey, Pete O’Hanlon, and Evan Walsh have taken rock ‘n’ roll and made it their own. They’ve been praised and called the number one new band to watch for a reason, and we know why. Adding dashes of rhythmic blues and tons of heart, The Strypes’ music is infectious. So we spoke with the band to see what’s new, find out the story behind their name, and how they’re releasing an album!

AMBY: How would you describe The Strypes’ sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

The Strypes: Fast, energetic rhythm and blues.

AMBY: Where did the name The Strypes come from?

The Strypes: It came about years ago when we were doing a one-off school gig. One of our younger sisters came up with the name and years later when we started gigging properly we couldn’t think of any other name!

AMBY: You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover is a wonderful song, what is the story behind it?

The Strypes: You Can’t Judge A Book is a Willie Dixon song that was first recorded by Bo Diddley on the Chess Label in 1961. We covered it in our live set and it always went down really well so we decided to record it.

AMBY: You have released your EP, Young, Gifted & Blue to much acclaim. What does the band have planned for 2013?

The Strypes: Now that we’ve signed to Mercury Records you can definitely expect an album by the end of the year with a few singles beforehand. Our debut single “Blue Collar Jane” will be released in April.

AMBY: How does hailing from Cavan, Ireland influence your music?

The Strypes: It probably influences the songs we write because you can’t help but take influence from the things around you.

AMBY: Who would your dream gig be with?

The Strypes: Our dream gig would be with Little Richard.

AMBY: Which artists have you been listening to lately?

The Strypes: Eddie And The Hot Rods, Rockpile, Jack White and The Jeff Beck Group.

AMBY: If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would you choose?

The Strypes: Tim Vine, John Cooper Clarke and Stephen Fry.

AMBY: Paul Weller has had some nice things to say about the band. Is there any chance of a collaboration?

The Strypes: He has been really supportive of the band and is a big influence. Nothing as of yet, it’s really up to him!

AMBY: And lastly, what has you excited for 2013?

The Strypes: We’re really excited about the prospect of releasing an album and we’re looking forward to a long year of gigging.


Thank you The Strypes, for giving us your answers!

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