You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Bahamas”

BahamasBahamas’ Afie Jurvanen writes absolutely gorgeous music. My first encounter was when he opened for Noah and the Whale two years ago. The set was a delightful surprise as this fellow Canadian charmed the crowd with refreshing melodies. After the concert, I looked Bahamas up, and shortly afterwards he had a new fan.

Bahamas’ first record, Pink Strat, is all about lyrics of love and loss, breathtaking vocals, and clever guitar sounds. Honestly, there is not one song on the album to overlook, for each one is a treat.

When it comes to lyrics, some are straightforward love songs such as Lonely Loves, while others like Hockey Teeth are playful, cheeky, and heartfelt.  Certain elegance is shown within the lyrics which lets them seem genuine, rather than cheesy. With subtle lyrics of admiration and lust, there’s no wonder Bahamas can take full control over listeners.

Stone cold sober, but you still get me high. Go ahead, I could laugh with you all day, make love to you all night.” –Lonely Loves

My favourite aspect of Bahamas though are the vocals and guitar. The harmonies are gentle, yet full of life. As far as the guitar goes, it softly caresses the soaring melodies in a unique, southernized-twang. I honestly think this may be the reason the music captivates so easily; it’s all very simple, yet these elements of vocal surprise and guitar personality illuminate the music.

All that’s really left to say is this: If you want a new band for times of loss, love, or listening, then you’ve GOT to hear this.


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