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Ed ZealousHello, we are Ed Zealous, we make up four best friends who met at school back in the day. Our love / hate relationship is always interesting to be around… you can usually find us hanging around in dark alleys finishing each others sentences or sometimes texting each other at the same time due to our telepathic skills. We have just finished our debut album with producer Eliot James ( TDCC, Bloc Party, Noah & The Whale ) and the first single is Medicines out on Fierce Panda / Fandango on Monday April 8th.  In the midst of planning for the release we got a call out of the blue from an old friend Angus Mitchell, who works freelance as a Director of Photography doing work for the BBC amongst other companies. He had a creative itch to scratch & asked if we might be up for collaborating on a project in some way – great timing! We’d worked with him before & we’re blown away with his ability to capture artful, stunning footage. We thought it was important that with our first release we should reveal the band if even in a subtle way so people discovering us for the first time could put faces to the music & catch a glimpse of us as performers, so we asked Angus to direct a performance orientated video. We had had some ideas already in mind, some of which took their cue from our drummer Paul’s Irwin’s artwork for the single cover, & we decided a marriage of these with the performance visuals was the best way to introduce EZ rather than something perhaps narrative-related. We also had Steven Quinn, a superbly talented visual artist & animator from Belfast (now based in London) work with us again on the editing aspects after he had done an outstanding job making a video to an initial teaser track from the album. And here it is:



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