Getting Cozy With… Broken Witt Rebels!

BWRHi we are Broken Witt Rebels!

A quadrant of individuals hailing from Birmingham / Coventry !! We have arrived and ready for your ears!

Members – Danny , James , Luke and Ant

We are a blues driven,balls to the wall rock n roll band that want to shake it up! From the backstreets to the hearts beats of every dance floor!! We’re not ur ten a penny posey band, that jump on a band wagon and where there nans blouse! We breathe in passion & exhale joy! And don’t mind sweating a ‘lil for the good of our fans .

We are a signed too sound-hub records which they have produced our EP, “This Town Belongs To Me” and first single “All Worn Out” is out now! With follow up single due out in June!

2013 promises to be an exciting time for “the rebels” and were embracing what is has to offer!

Until then UP THE REBELS!!



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