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The Delta RiggsI had a delightful experience when crossing paths with The Delta Riggs- there was an instant connection to their passionate music. Melbourne’s The Delta Riggs release their latest album Hex.Lover.Killer today, an album packed with an electric-energetic punch! Hex.Lover.Killer is one of those records I listened to the whole way through without ever wanting to pause. Every track stands out and takes you on a musical ride with The Delta Riggs. We wanted to speak with the creative minds behind one of 2013’s best albums, so the band’s Michael “Monte” Tramonte graciously spoke with AMBY about their “How To Write a Band Bio” biography, favourite tracks off the album, and hanging out with influences!

AMBY: Hey The Delta Riggs! What’s the band been up to lately?

The Delta Riggs: Hi back at you AMBY! Well, we have been up to loads of things. Currently we are rehearsing for the album tour, which we are super excited about. Our debut album Hex.Lover.Killer is coming out in the next week and all is going swimmingly for that. A whole bunch of new T Shirts just arrived too, they look great and Simon our drummer is busy manifesting some custom made Delta Riggs denim jackets and vests. So yeah, very busy over our way at the moment.

AMBY: We must say that your “How To Write a Band Bio” is really clever, where did that come from?

The Delta Riggs: That is something that I wrote a couple of months ago. I guess as a band you need to have all of these “tools” to help perpetuate you into the musical world. We have gone through many drafts of biographies that none of us particularly liked. I did a lot of reading of other bands bios and the standard formula just seems so tired and done to me, no one really gets creative and a lot of the times they take themselves way too seriously. I just thought of a way to still get the message across but with a bit more personality and entertainment. Everyone seemed to like it so we used it, I’m glad you like it too. Thanks for noticing.

AMBY: Speaking of band bios, if you were to describe each member in one word, which would you choose?

The Delta Riggs: Elliott Hammond – Star, Simon McConnell – Showbiz, Alex ” Rudi” Markwell – Wizard, Tristan James – Delicate, Michael “Monte” Tramonte – Social

AMBY: Rah Rah Radio is a killer song! What’s it about?

The Delta Riggs: Why thank you. It’s garnering a great response, both the song and the clip we shot for it. Elliott actually penned this one, but from my interpretations it has themes of tall poppy syndrome and people that judge you for what you are or how you look, with the reoccurring line ” You shoulda go back to where you come from”.  It’s a tongue in cheek approach though and lightly tackles those themes. That’s my what I see it as anyway.

AMBY: Your debut LP will be released April 12th! Which songs are your favourite and why?

The Delta Riggs: This will probably change for me by the time of print but as I type my favourite 3 x tracks are:

“I Was Profound Tomorrow” – I love the direction in this song, it’s a step away from anything we have ever done before and just builds perpetually throughout the song.

“Perfume & Lace” – This will stay one of my favourites, the vocal ober the opening/ verse part is totally unexpected and is a really sweet melody.

“Better” – The last track on the album, to me it offers a sense of hope and leaves a sweet, sentimental resolve to the whole journey.

AMBY: Has being a band from Melbourne had an influence on your music? And if so, how?

The Delta Riggs: We all moved to Melbourne together as a band and living here definitely had a massive impact on us. The whole arts/ music scene down there is really captivating and encapsulating. Everywhere you go you can find live music and every second person is in the arts or creative field. People in Melbourne seem to appreciate the struggle a little more I guess.

AMBY: What’s next for The Delta Riggs?

The Delta Riggs: We take these songs out on the road and continue to write and play together as a band. We love doing this so it’s an elating feeling to have this record out now. We will begin writing for the next album too and hopefully looking at getting over to the UK within the next few months to launch The Delta Riggs over there. We will try to come see you in Canada too *Insert smiley face here*

AMBY: What’s the funniest moment you’ve had together as a band?

The Delta Riggs: This one time a couple of years ago, we played in a regional town over here called Albury. It’s a smaller town situated on the border of NSW and Victoria. We had played the show and a few of the lads decided to go out into the cold, dark Albury night. I on the other hand, opted to have a relax and went off to sleep. Fast forward to a couple hours later, there is a chaotic noise in my room, the blankets and sheets get pulled off me and Simon and Elliott are yelling at me to get out of bed. Apparently, a couple of the guys got mixed up with some local bikies and they were now being chased through the streets of Albury and these guys knew where we were staying. This all happened at about 3am and I was dishevelled, dazed and very confused. We all split to the van with haste and picked up the twits that were hiding in some side street. I had no idea what the fuck was going on and was quite annoyed at everyone. Turns out, the whole thing was made up so that I would agree to leave and head home early as I was the only one that was cozy and asleep. Morons.

AMBY: Which three of your influences would you love to hang out with for a day?

The Delta Riggs: This will differ for each member of the band so these answers only pertain to my personal influences and opinions. Like that little disclaimer?

Dave Grohl – I love him. He is a massive legend, I wouldn’t say his music really influences me but more his attitude and the way he presents himself. I just imagine him being a huge personality and a lot of fun to hang out with for a day.

Carl Sagan – I know he has long ago departed the world but his insights and philosophies are still so current and poignant to us as humans today. I could just sit there and have him talk at me all day, I heard he didn’t mind the odd joint or two, so would definitely roll a spliff and tap in to his genius.

Jack White – Pretty self-explanatory really? I’d love to see what he does during the day. He also has a great brain for marketing as seen in everything he has ever released musically, there is always an air of mystery surrounding him.

AMBY: What has you excited for 2013?

The Delta Riggs: Everything! There is great music around at the moment, I just got the new Black Angels album and it’s rad. Looking forward to hear the new Phoenix album too. I think music is in an exciting place still, there is so much quality out there and it’s easier to get heard now than ever before. Traveling overseas this year too which I am really excited about, haven’t had a trip away in over a year. I’m also excited to see how the album is received, both critically and in the eyes of the general public. I have a good feeling about this year.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about The Delta Riggs that nobody knows yet?

The Delta Riggs: We are your new favourite band. You just don’t know it yet.


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