The Nankeens: Concert Review!

The Nankeens 1The Nankeens Night & Day Manchester 16/03/13

Don’t underestimate the power of social media when it comes to promoting good music I’ve discovered many great new bands purely because they’ve followed me on twitter or through a simple mention from a fellow tweeter.  The latter is certainly true of recent discovery The Nankeens who on the recommendation of the elusive Mr. Peeps kindly invited me down to their EP launch at Manchester’s Night & Day Café, one listen to track Reaper and I was in.

It’s fair to say I didn’t know much about Salford lads The Nankeens beforehand whilst the name may have sounded familiar their music wasn’t, but thanks to a sneaky preview of five track EP Autonomy I was able to get a little more acquainted with this band before catching them live. Whilst on record they sounded pretty good for me it’s on stage where it really counts that’s definitely where the magic takes place and watching The Nankeens live they certainly showed they had more than a few tricks up their sleeves.

The Nankeens 2Whilst this may have been The Nankeens EP launch it wasn’t their headline show, a pretty bold move if you ask me, the boys were sandwiched in between two other impressive bands Minor Blues and The Delaplains. By the time the Salford lads had taken to the stage Night & Day had filled up nicely clearly attracting more than a few of their faithful fans down to this one, having watched them play it’s no mystery why. Whilst I may have only known half of the strong eight track set I was so engaged in their performance I almost forgot this was my Nankeens debut they really do hook you in.  I didn’t have to wait long to hear stand out track Reaper two songs in and I was even more impressed with the live version that the one on record The Nankeens were certainly off to a cracking start in my books. Track after track they continued to impress with their live set up, pretty tight for a band who only recently joined forces.

The Nankeens 3Having had the chorus of I’m Not Playing firmly stuck in my head since first checking out the EP I couldn’t wait to hear it live and I wasn’t disappointed with its melodic bass lines, gritty guitar riffs and husky vocals it’s a stellar track just like the lyrics say “the more you get the more you want” one song I’ll most definitely keep on playing. The video for this track is as equally impressive self made by the band using the animation technique of  stop motion it’s not only imaginative, but compliments the song perfectly you really should check it out. It’s fair to say The Nankeens have bagged themselves a new fan, two in fact as my other half was equally as excited by this performance, the fact that the EP was also largely recorded and produced by the band themselves further highlights just how talented they really are.

The Nankeens 4The Nankeens have certainly earned their stripes when it comes to gigging playing back to back shows packed out to the extent that fans were recently left outside peering in through the venue’s windows at the hope of catching a mere glimpse of  the band play. After catching them live myself I have to say I would have probably stayed and watched from outside too! However having already been invited down to their next gig at The Lomax in Liverpool I hopefully shouldn’t have to resort to such measures. If you want to see what all the fuss is about I firmly suggest you check The Nankeens out for yourselves, if you’re quick you might even be still lucky enough to grab yourself a physical copy of debut EP Autonomy. You can catch The Nankeens live at any number of their upcoming dates get out there and support real music.

Live Dates:

19th April – The Lomax – Liverpool
27th April – The Kings Arms – Manchester
23rd May – The Bakers Vault- Stockport
25th May – Shakespears – Sheffield.

If all that’s got you curious you can check out the video for I’m Not Playing right here:


Fi Carroll /@Dirtyroknroller

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