Tom Clarke gives AMBY exclusive details on his solo project, and updates on The Enemy

Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke: On the solo album front, I am indeed in the embryonic stages of writing and releasing a record and putting together a band so that I can tour it live. It’s quite different to TheEnemy, the emphasis being less on electric guitar driven rock and more on well crafted songs. What I’m hoping to achieve with it, is a collection of songs that it would be hard to produce within the boundaries of TheEnemy’s established sound, so that I can explore songwriting further. It’s in it’s infancy but the inevitable freedom is very exciting. TheEnemy will continue, we’re writing and working on the fourth album at the same time as I’m writing the solo album. I have no intention of abandoning the band now or ever. I’m more passionate about TheEnemy than I’ve ever been, I just want to challenge myself as a songwriter in unexplored territory! :)


Tom will also be writing a piece on The Enemy’s experience to the US, so keep your eyes open!

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