You’ve GOT to Hear This: The Liminanas

LimiñanasMy sister and I walked into Dandelion Records in Vancouver looking for some French oldies on vinyl. They didn’t have much but instead raved about the new Liminanas LP, Crystal Anis. We haven’t heard of them prior, but after playing about one minute of the first song, ‘Salvation’, we were hooked and bought the record.

The French underground group, has a sound comparable to Charlotte/Serge Gainsbourg meets The Velvet Underground. With sultry female vocals, dreamy guitar riffs and fuzzed synths, the band fits in snug and comfortable where the music world has been lacking in recent years. The album expresses an enchanting mix of classy ease and driven seduction, each track being an immediate hook.

Both French and English lyrics are used, enhancing the bands charm. The song, ‘Crystal Anis’, comes across like a ballad, with a sound akin to The Allah-las but with alluring spoken lyrics, fancy piano and steady tambourine. Recently signed onto Chicago-based label, Trouble In Mind, the band will hopefully be touring across North America in the near future. They will definitely be gracing the sound waves of this summer’s sun kissed road trips.

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Josefa Cameron

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