Getting Cozy With… Dog On A Swing!

DOASlogoTen Things About Dog On A Swing

1. It could be the first band ever named after a GIF. This one specifically-

2. It is the name under which Ed Ritchie records songs.

3. Ed is open to collaborating with others without the burden of being ‘in or out’ of a band. He’s currently working with a few musicians to play live and record an EP.

4. Whatever format the band is in, they play 3-minute(ish) pop(ish) songs.

5. Ed and the band are based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Its prettiness steadfastly refuses to be diminished by incessant roadworks.

Dog On A Swing
Photo by Janelle Story.

6. Ed’s ‘top’ three bands are Aereogramme, Jeff Buckley, and the Dismemberment Plan. He can’t make one definitive top-five list, but the music he loves and the music he plays can be triangulated between those three acts.

7. The first Dog On A Swing gig was on 27th August 2011 at a friend’s leaving party. It was very shaky and Ed thanks those who had the patience to sit through it.

8. You’ll usually find him/them at open mics, which are great because you never know who’s going to surprise you. Ed featured at one and a free EP was made from it-

9. Dog On A Swing will play for food. You can read more about that here-

10. Ed’s guitar only has five strings on it. The top string broke one day while rehearsing, then he realised that it only ever got in the way. He thinks this is a kind of a metaphor for life in general.


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