Sunday, April 14th, 2013: Wicked Weekend Playlist

Wicked Weekend PlaylistWe have an outstanding playlist for you today featuring a ton of new music, new bands, and even some new videos in the mix! It’s wicked, it’s on a weekend, and it’s a playlist… It’s AMBY’s Wicked Weekend Playlist! Enjoy! X

Coastal Cities- Entropic
Pan Aurora- Digital Bliss
Last Good Tooth- What’s What I Do
Fur Trade- Kids These Days
Hot Panda- Negative Thinking Patterns
Tiny Tiny- Coyote
Suzie Does It- Sunrise
Invade the Armada- Time To Decide
Belgian Fog- Wait for Help
The Delaplains- Eleanor
This Harbour- Hour of Moments
Purple Heart Parade- The Room
John Wean- Desperate Dan (She Told Me She Was Single)
Captain Dangerous- Heather and Tommy
Welcome Pariah- Neither Here Nor There
Sunrise Over Europe- Collection
Ruckus- Public Enemy
Aiden Grimshaw- Curtain Call
Locomotive Ghost- The Strangers
Tingle In The Netherlands- The Housewife’s Lament
Polar Caps- Solutions
COVE- Killing Joke
Bad Cardigan- Terkeyla
RudyTrixX- Wandering Eyes
Seaweed Meadows- Ruins
Hooves- Holy War
Litvinenko- The Golden Age
Brokenwitt Rebels- All Worn Out
Mirage- Find Your Feet
Kismet Ryding- Serenity
Diamond Mindworks- Run, Let Go
Richie Ashwin- Hold Your Breath
Benefit of the Free Man- Summer Moons

Alicia Atout

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