Gimme Your Answers: A Interview w/ Oliver Rudge

Ollie RudgeOliver Rudge is such a young talent who I was thrilled to interview! Sadly, video interviews didn’t agree with us in one of our first Skype attempts, as it created a bit of lagging and delay. But, we decided to keep the original interview’s audio rather than redoing it, because Ollie’s answers were brilliant, sincere, and pretty surprising! We apologize for the slight choppiness of the audio, for it was our first Skype attempt, and now we’ve got it down! We’ve written the interview out as well, so feel free to have a read if Audio isn’t your thing! With the type of creativity that Ollie has, I’m sure we’ll have the chance to do a video again for everyone to watch. AMBY spoke with Ollie about many topics, as he hilariously rants about artists he wishes would go away, we almost stump him on a question, and he tells us something he’s told nobody ever before!

AMBY: Hi everyone! I’m Alicia Atout from A Music Blog, Yea? and here with me is Oliver Rudge! Thanks for joining AMBY in this interview, and we have some questions for you so let’s get going! For our first question, how would you describe your music to those unfamiliar?

Oliver Rudge: It’s kind of- the way I’d normally describe it is like alternative folk music. But I know the term “folk” changes depending on which country you’re from, or which region, and stuff like that. So I’m going to go with alternative-English-folk. If that’s alright!

AMBY: And I’d have to tell you that I love your track I Will Be Your Sun; the vocals and lyrics are just gorgeous. So, who or what–

Oliver Rudge: Thank you!

AMBY: You’re welcome, so who inspires you as a musician?

Oliver Rudge: Oh who inspires me? Loads of people inspire me. James Blake, Johnny Flynn, massive lyrical influences. Musical influences are people like Ben Howard, although he kind of comes into lyrical influences as well. But a band called The Bronze Medal, they’re a massive influence as well. And then in terms of other influences it kind of just moves onto general life really. So yeah, just like a few that I kind of pick and choose from. Oh! Bon Iver as well, how could I forget him… them.

AMBY: Yeah, I can definitely hear that within your music! And there you mentioned Ben Howard, and I’ve noticed you’re done a couple of covers throughout your SoundCloud, just like his song Move Like You Want, are you planning on doing any other covers?

Oliver Rudge: Ben Howard, or in general?

AMBY: Just in general.

Oliver Rudge: I am going to- I haven’t really looked into it properly but I want to cover Electric Feel, by MGMT. And I want to cover–

AMBY: Awesome song.

Oliver Rudge: Yeah, and I saw a guy called Jackie D Williams who covered Latch by Disclosure. But it’s like a house tune and it’s kind of made me really want to cover that, and I might cover White Noise as well. But I don’t know, I haven’t properly looked into it. But yeah, I’m all writing at the moment.

AMBY: And on the topic of your tracks, and just going through your SoundCloud, the lyrics to Blue Neon are really great. So what’s the story behind the track?

Oliver Rudge: Blue Neon is about… I don’t really know actually! It’s kind of, it wasn’t really intended as a story when I wrote it. It kind of came out more as an emotional collage, if you like. I wrote the first verse when I was sat in a coffee shop with a friend of mine, and we were just having a drink and a bit of a catch up, and I wrote the first verse. And then the rest just kind of spurred over the next few weeks. A lot of my songs are about love, so I think it’s, it’s about the place I was in there. Because I’ve started to kind of dislike where I got to collage. Well, I like my collage- I like what my collage does and the small little area that it’s in. But it’s in Birmingham, and I don’t really like Birmingham! I really don’t like it at all, I wanna get away which is why I’m applying to university like five hours away! But yeah, I think I kind of wrote it about not wanting to be in Birmingham that much longer. If that makes sense?

AMBY: Alright! And which artists have you been listening to lately?

Oliver Rudge: Okay, I’ve been listening to a lot of Foals, their new album, but I’ve always been listening to their first and second album, but mainly the second album because that album is just unreal. Peace, been listening to Peace. Who else? Troumaca. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them, but they’re from Birmingham, where I got to collage, and they’re like wicked. They used to be called the Scarlet Harlots, but then they changed their style dramatically over the span of like, one summer, and it’s awesome. Who else is there? James Blake! Been listening to James Blake, Disclosure, Johnny Flynn- always listening to Johnny Flynn, The Bronze Medal, and Brother & Bones… Uhm, I listen to a lot! I listen to a lot of stuff, so it’s a pretty big list.

AMBY: Nothing wrong what that!

Oliver Rudge: Nah, the more the better man!

AMBY: And now almost the opposite question, which artists could you live without ever hearing again?

Oliver Rudge: Live without ever hearing again?

AMBY: Yea!

Oliver Rudge: Well, that list is ever longer… Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Rihanna…

AMBY: Taking this one seriously!

Oliver Rudge: Yeah, I do man. When it comes to music I hate, I normally hate it for a real good reason. Like, they are the way they are. So, I’m trying to think of who else. Oh,, yeah, definitely definitely could live without him. Jessie J, she could go away if she wanted to… Brittany Spears, Madonna, yeah, they could go away. Quite a lot… I could probably… Off the top of my head it seems a little difficult but there is a list there. There is a seriously long list, and I could go all night.

AMBY: Alright, good choices on that, so far though!

Oliver Rudge: Well, thanks. Thanks!

AMBY: And if you could collaborate with any artist or band, who would you choose?

Oliver Rudge: Ohhhhh… Oh that’s so difficult! Collaborate with anyone? Like, ANYONE of my choice?

AMBY: Anybody!

Oliver Rudge: Aw man, I don’t know! I think it’d have to be…  It’d just have to be- am I allowed to swear on this?

AMBY: Go for it!

Oliver Rudge: Ah, cool, alright. It’d be James Blake because he is a fucking genius!

AMBY: And for our last question, what’s something about Oliver Rudge that nobody knows yet?

Oliver Rudge: This is going to sound quite deep, but this is just because I haven’t really known whether to say it or not, but, over the past few years I’ve kind of been in and out of questioning my sexuality. So that’s new!

AMBY: Alright, there you go! So I do believe that concludes our interview, once again I am Alicia Atout from A Music Blog, Yea?. And I’d like to give a massive thanks to you Ollie for joining AMBY, for our interview!

Oliver Rudge: No problem, I enjoyed it.

AMBY: Thanks, bye!

Oliver Rudge: Bye!


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