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Eerie DeerHi. I’m Roope and Eerie Deer is my “band”. I’m from Finland, from town called Pori. I’ve heard that “it’s so far away.” From where? I don’t know, but anyway.. what was my point.. I play sort of folky, dreamy pop songs. Kind of mellow stuff. And gloomy. But not depressing, no way, there are definitely some uplifting moments too. I record them in my living room with poor equipment and I think you can hear that. But I like them that way, I hope that you do too. If you don’t mind dogs barking in middle of song. But my goal is to make a decent album. I just noticed few years ago I can probably sing. And write songs. Putting them to SoundCloud was definitely the wisest thing I’ve ever done. Since then I’ve even taken myself out of my house to play live, twice. And I really liked it, maybe I’ll do it more in future. If you’d like to know more about me, listen to my songs. Or wait. I don’t mean they are all about me. Sometimes they are about people I made up in my mind, or people I know. I hope they don’t understand English. Anyway I think I’ve told you enough, now go to my SoundCloud and Facebook page and “like” if you like.




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