You’ve GOT to Hear This: “In Stranger Times”

In Stranger TimesFar from his garage-rock adventures as frontman of Brisbane-based group Velociraptor, Jeremy Neale’s music is still as rich and flavourful. Earlier this month, he released his new single In Stranger Times.

If there’s one thing Jeremy Neale does well, it’s make you feel like you’ve been transported into the past. His music embodies tones of jazz and a vibe that could only be associated with something we generically describe as “old music”. Sixties, maybe? Eighties, possibly? Or maybe a mix of both.

In Stranger Times bears a less raw, more refined version of his previous singles Darlin’ and Winter Was the Time. Teaming up with Brisbane girl band Go Violets for this track, it’s got a catchy, well-layered chorus and verses supported by rich guitars. While it may be notably cleaner than his previous tracks, there’s no doubt he still maintains an audience with his beautiful, somewhat atmospheric vocals.

Go Violets provides wonderful harmonies throughout the whole piece, making it a gentle, airy ballad. Accompanied by crisp percussion, it’s impossible not to get your head nodding or your body swaying to the beat. A fusion of perfect pop and elements of classic jazz and swing make In Stranger Times a must listen for anyone looking for something new to dig their ears into.

Jeremy Neale has a single release tour on the east coast of Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you catch the Brisbane show you’ll be seeing him with Go Violets. Give In Stranger Times a listen, pretend (or don’t pretend) you’re in love, and find yourself dancing to something that may well have been a hit forty years ago as well as today.

In Stranger Times is available on Bandcamp ( and on iTunes.


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