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We are Super73, an Alternative Rock band from Central England.

We’re relatively new on the scene but don’t let that put you off.

We in this game for making music that we like, we figured, if we like it, then surely someone else will. It seems to be at this stage that that stands true.

We have our own residential studio holed away where we spend a lot of our time. It’s here that hare-brained ideas and schemes are cooked up, along with crafting things into being.
It’s a tough business these days Music, there’s a lot of apathy in the world and it’s hard to overcome that, the “Mainstream” is even harder to break into , it seems, if you have money, you’ll be fine, if you don’t, no one is willing to listen to what you have to say.

There are exceptions to that rule though, as there will always be, and those exceptions are the things that keep the world spinning on it’s axis.

Those exceptions are the one’s we’re trying to hunt out.
We seem to be doing ok so far, what with some good support slots, Arcane Roots, Attack!Attack! and US Giants, Everclear. We’ve a few irons in the fire, as this whole thing for us is not just about “Being a Rockstar” It’s about Musiiiiiiiic maaaaaan, it’s about supporting new things, and we’ll explain more about that when we get a chance. But there’s more to Super73 than meets the eye.
A liitle bit like Optimus Prime. The proper one, not Michael Bay’s one.

We’re pretty vocal over on Twitter, I know that’s a random jump in conversation, but still, we like to get involved in conversations and so on. You can find us @WeAreSuper73

SO what do we see ourselves doing this year? Well, we’re looking into starting a kickstarter campaign to get our Album recorded, it’s written, and waiting, but we’ll be honest and say we need a little help.

There’s a couple of video’s in the works too, again, they’re on a shoestring, but we like the concepts so we’ll do our level best to get them to YouTube as soon as we can.
Thanks for listening, we appreciate, and we’ll always appreciate a Re-Tweet or a Like or a Share.

Keep your eyes on us, we’re not going away.


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