The Family Rain: Concert Review!

The Family Rain 1Last Wednesday was a really good day for me. I had to do the first part of my final exams in School – I think it went quite well – and one of my favourite bands were in town, so my day couldn’t have been any better!

The Family Rain 2During the day I almost died of excitement, I couldn’t wait until the start of the concert; I couldn’t wait until The Family Rain would go up the stage of the club “Strom” in Munich and play. Being far too early for the show turned out to be really cool for me when I recognised Ollie Walter (guitar and vocals) who had to go to the restroom. When he came back I intercepted him just before he would have disappeared in the backstage area again. I asked him if I could get a photo with him and he said: “Yeah, sure, shall I go get the others?” !!!!! He turned around and went away and after a few minutes he was back, together with his brothers Tim (drums and vocals) and Will (bass guitar and vocals). I got a nice photo with them and we had a short chitchat, which I really enjoyed a lot; they told me that an EP will be released in a month. About half an hour later, the trio from Bath, UK started their show with the incredibly beautiful song “Carnival”. You could really see how much fun they had playing live, despite the bad response from the audience (most of the audience were waiting for Willy Moon to play; The Family Rain was the support band). However, I loved their show and it turned out that the others got infected with the refreshing sounds of their songs.

The Family Rain 3After 45 minutes or so they ended with “Trust Me…I’m A Genius” another brilliant song with a slightly heavy sound which actually made me long for even more.

It was Willy Moon’s turn then, he was pretty good, but he’s got some strange dancing moves, though, and concentrated more on himself then on the audience.

The Family Rain & Katrin KuglerAlmost everyone left the club after the encore chants for Willy Moon didn’t work; I stayed, because I knew The Family Rain would be back again, they wanted to sign some posters. After I got my personal message on my poster and after another short conversation with the three adorable guys, it finally came to the absolute highlight of my day, I asked Tim Walter if I could have his drumsticks (I am collecting drumsticks of drummers I love and already have a few at home) and he said yes! So he gave me his drumsticks, explained to me how special they were (they have grip on one end) and I went home as the happiest person ever alive!!

The Family Rain is an absolutely amazing band; they are very kind and close to their roots, a definite MUST-SEE!


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