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Sam TudorDear AMBY readers,

Hey, my name is Sam and I’m a musician from Vancouver, British Columbia. I’m just dropping by to say hello and to tell you a little about music-y things. When I was younger I lived at a forestry camp that was a long way from school and other important social institutions. I had long bus rides in the dark where I would look out the window and listen to plenty of music. In high school I took some microphones into a storage cupboard and tried my hand at recording. I could only use instruments that would fit into this cupboard thing, but it felt cozy and safe.

So that’s how this whole music thing started.

Anyway, now I live in the city of perpetual rain, and I’m a bit older and sometimes I miss long bus rides and storage cupboards, but mostly it’s a nice life. I released an album called ‘Animals and Arson’ in 2012 and people are buying and listening to it, which is a really gratifying thing. Playing music has made me some of my closest friends and I’ve met some really brilliant artists.

I used to think that writing songs was making ‘something from nothing’, but I’ve since realized there is no such thing. I think part of the reason I like writing music so much now is because you are trying to put all these separate parts of the real world into a song, and the real world becomes even more important. So with that in mind, the music I’ve been listening to lately includes bands like the Fleet Foxes, Pharis and Jason Romero, and some Graham Nash as well. People singing.

This summer I’m touring in British Columbia and playing festivals with my friends. I’m also working on the next album, although writing is a much slower process these days than it used to be. I really have no idea how it will turn out, it’s becoming something a lot different than Animals and Arson. I hope to have it done by the end of summer.

You can find ‘Animals and Arson’ on the great Internet at iTunes, CDBaby, and some other places. There’s also a link somewhere around here that will take you to a more serious biography and concert dates, and some CBC radio things.

Thanks for having me AMBY, I hope you enjoy the music.

Sincerely, Sam Tudor


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