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The Long LiesHello,

We are The Long Lies, a band from the West coast of Scotland. Until a couple of years ago, none of us knew each other, however we had all decided to go to the same college. Within a few hours of meeting each other on the first day, we had written our first song, and that was the start of the band. We spent a year writing songs, comparing pictures of Stephen (guitar, vocals) to Alan Harper from Two And A Half Men and playing some gigs.

Early in 2012, we went into the studio with Kevin Burleigh, who’s previously worked with Glasvegas & Simple Minds amongst others. We spent two days recording. The first of these was used for James to record the drums. The second was for the guitars, bass and vocals. The second day also involved James playing a lot of football manager instead of helping set up equipment and making a cup of tea for the first time ever.

Since then, we released our first single on iTunes (search for it, it’s called Trouble) and we did our first ever gig in London for City Showcase festival.

Now we are going into the studio to record some more songs, which will hopefully be released sometime this year. Until then check out our pages which there is links to below.

If you actually read all of that, well done.


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