Five Favourite Fab Gigs: Civilians

CiviliansWe always enjoy music that holds a certain uniqueness. With lyrics of love and joy, and their distinct spoken-word vocal style, Civilians are a great example of a band doing their own thing. We really hope to see the band in Canada one day, so when the band’s Andrew Schofield wanted to fill us in on their five favourite fab gigs, AMBY just couldn’t wait to read all about them!

U-Club, Wuppertal, Germany 18th September 2010

This is without a doubt the best gig we have all played. We’d been playing a few gigs in Germany, we were happy to be over there, but also we hadn’t really done a normal tour (playing in a venue in a cinema, and one the size of a shoebox next to a car showroom to about 4 people). We were told our last gig had been moved to a bigger venue as part of a showcase, we got there and it was huge. We had to stay there most of the day, we were on the bill with a ton of other German bands, and they were mainly punk/metal/thrash bands. I think I felt a bit out of place and I was worried we’d be a bit too friendly for the evening, when we got on stage however there was a buzz of excitement and the crowd was fantastic, all dancing along and loving it, we also got to play an encore which was odd as we were followed by another metal band. All the other bands were really ace and they loved us too, it was probably the nicest gig we’ve ever had considering it was called ‘The Kids are dead Festival’. The next day we were on such a high, we walked back past the club and all felt so proud, and mildly hungover.

Roadhouse, Manchester EP Launch 19th January 2011

This was such a great gig to play. We had worked really hard on our EP ‘Teleopsia’ which was the last thing to be recorded at Moolah Rouge studios. The audience was great for the EP launch and we all just had a fantastic night. We also asked Hot Vestry to support after we played with them at a gig earlier with The Chapman Family, they were brilliant too. We played well and just had a great night.  Daisy also turned up to the wrong venue for this gig which made us laugh a bit.

Ruby Lounge, Manchester w/ Art Brut 7th October 2011

We were offered this gig at late notice, we love Art Brut and were surprised to be offered the gig. We had a bit of an awkward day, as I don’t think we were feeling very confident after not practicing much and I didn’t know how we’d go down. It filled up so quickly and we played really well, I can remember thinking on stage that I was surprised that nothing was going wrong, it was a nice feeling. We came off stage on a high, and got invited to go party with everyone afterwards but sadly we were broke.

The Monarch, Camden 2nd July 2009

This wasn’t the best gig by far, in fact it was one of the worst. We even turned up back at the venue the next day and the barman refused to take a CD off us saying ‘No, you were shit’. What made me put it in the list though was the experience, we drank a lot and brought back a lot of stories. Mainly involving a ‘Fightstar’ after show party, ripped t-shirts, using people as ashtrays and coin slot machines, and getting passionate about ‘The Mint’ on ITV.  We drank so much, I love looking back at the photos of a sweaty gig and a massive hangover.

 The Castle Hotel, Manchester 31st March 2013

I had to put this one in, after playing a million and one gigs this one felt really special. It was the set I’ve felt most confident in, it was in my favourite venue in Manchester and our good friends The Spiels were supporting, and they were the best I’ve seen them on the night, they were brilliant. We had such an amazing crowd, it sold out on the night which made us pretty happy. I mainly think me and Phil were both proud of how far we’d brought this band, we’ve been playing gigs together for years, and now this new band feels so impressive and there’s such a nice and warm atmosphere around our gigs recently, we’re really happy to play and I think it comes across on stage. We had a great night and hopefully it’s the start of something special.


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