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Aztec BirdsHello friends, we’re Aztec Birds, a psychedelic rock and roll band hailing from the north east of England. We spend most of our time writing groovy tunes and scraping together cash so we can practice and record. We’ve just released an EP called ‘Acid Love’ with 2 songs on that we’re pretty happy with, you can listen to them on , but that’s only if you want to, we’re not into making you do things against your will. They’re pretty good though, so we recommend it. We’ve got some gigs coming up in May and June around the Sunderland area. One of the gigs is supporting ‘The Family Rain’ at a club called PURE on June 1st, and then we’ll most likely spread out a bit this summer and do some gigs around the UK. If you dig our tunes give us a shout and we’ll come and play right in front of you or something, ANYTHING FOR THE FANS.

Lots of love,

Aztec Birds



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