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MessrsMessrs is the plural of Mr, With five band members, we are Messrs. An Indie/Synth pop band from Adelaide, Australia. We have been pushing shit up hill for a few years now. We released our Debut Ep ‘Welcome to Nowhere’ Late last year which is our inspiration to try better our output in the future. We all met in high school and One sunny morning surfing down the coast we decided starting a band seemed genius. Chasing waves and shows. What could be any better? As a band we have toured extensively across our Brown Barren home land and across Europe. At this stage we have some solid plans to get back overseas later this year to some industry festivals to help spread our seed. Whilst we wait on our final boarding call we will be spending the first half of 2013 touring Aus and working hard in the studio. Check our new single ‘Running Wild’. Hopefully you all like it.


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