Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Vincent(s)

The Vincent(s)The Vincent(s)’ sound is a wicked mix of indie, grunge, and noise-pop. The combination may seem a little bizarre at first, but have a listen and you’ll see how these nuances work together amazingly. AMBY wanted to ask this Cork, Ireland group a few questions about their sound! So, The Vincent(s) took the time to talk about how they’re busy bees, brackets are in this season, and how they’re all emotional people.

AMBY: Hey The Vincent(s)! How is everyone doing?

The Vincent(s): Hello Alicia we are all very well thanks, busy bees at the moment.

AMBY: If you were to describe each band member in one word, which would you choose?

The Vincent(s): Difficult.

AMBY: What’s the significance behind the band’s name? We’re especially curious about the spelling.

The Vincent(s): There was a Van Gogh picture on the wall where we used to practice, it’s as simple that. As for the brackets, they’re in this season, ask any fashion blogger and they will back us up.

AMBY: Asked Her To The Dance is a great song. How did the band come up with it?

The Vincent(s): Margus wrote it and the rest of us just took the money and smiled.

AMBY: What’s the best part of being in The Vincent(s)?

The Vincent(s): I guess it’s always knowing that there is a way out.

AMBY: What would a movie based on the band be called?

The Vincent(s): Withnail and I.

AMBY: What’s the funniest moment you’ve had together as a band?

The Vincent(s): Playing in Skibbereen and it was also the worst moment. It was like a scene out of Deliverance.

AMBY: Which three of your influences would you love to hang out with for a day?

The Vincent(s): Kate Bush, Tom Waits and Bjork.

AMBY: What has you excited for 2013?

The Vincent(s): Releasing our album and touring the UK I’d say.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about The Vincent(s) that nobody knows yet?

The Vincent(s): We are all very emotional people.


Thank you The Vincent(s), for giving us your answers!

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