The Courteeners: Concert Review!

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As soon as the Swiss band Junes had finished playing their “more-pop-than-rock” songs it got really tensed in the “Strom” in Munich last Tuesday. Fans from everywhere in the world came together for a huge celebration of Manchester’s Indie Rock gods The Courteeners. Although only about a hundred and fifty people attended the gig the audience was carried away after the first two songs “Are you in love with a notion” and “Push yourself” – from the new album ANNA – at the latest, when Liam Fray started to sing the first few words of The Courteeners’ fantastic song “Lose Control” and you had the feeling of being at a major festival. The crowd partied very hard while The Courteeners played songs like “Van Der Graaff”, “Money” or “When you want something you can’t have”.  It went on for a while until some people got a bit too overexcited so one of the crew members had to step in to relax the whole thing. Liam however, simply enjoyed his sort of one-man-show and was glad to hear the whole crowd singing along to “Not nineteen forever”, one of the best songs of The Courteeners. I really wished the concert would never end but after the song “Acrylic” they left the stage.

Fortunately, after a few minutes of “LIAM! LIAM!” chants, The Courteeners came back and played three encore songs.

All in all I have to admit that this was one of the best concerts I ever went to for sure. After listening to The Courteeners albums over the past few weeks it really surprised me that they were so much better when playing live, to be honest, I didn’t expect that it could get any better at all because their songs on the records are perfect already. Furthermore, Liam simply enchanted us with his brilliant voice and the smile on his face and if you haven’t seen The Courteeners live yet then you obviously are missing something. Everyone had so much fun and I’ll definitely go see them again as soon as they come back.

Katrin Kugler

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