Getting Cozy With… Able Archer!

Able Archer We are a 5 piece rock band from Dublin called Able Archer and have been together since late 2011. Our name is often misinterpreted – once we were introduced as a band from Nottingham; Able Archer = Arching = Robin Hood = Nottingham. And once we were chosen to play a Valentines night; Able Archer = bows = Cupid = perfect to play a Valentines night.

In fact the name has something to do with World War 3…. but who really cares anyway. Only our guitarist Rob seems to care and correct people. Its whatever you want it to be.

But enough of that. We play rock music. Dark, synthy and with a hook. We’ve been described as a mix between Depeche Mode and Soundgarden and our debut ep ‘Bullet’s has a tip of the hat to some of our influences. But we’d like to think (and hope) that we bring our own flavour to the equation with the output of something unique. The ep is now available on iTunes & Spotify. On our website – – we always give a way free downloads. All we ask you for is a like on Facebook. It helps feed our vanity.


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