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Bi LingualFor the first time in Getting Cozy With… history, a band has personalized our graphics! Have a read where we get cozy with Bi:Lingual!

Fusing together a wide range of genres such as Hip/Hop, Rock n Roll and Grunge and making it work successfully is not an easy task. For Middlesbrough based crossover Kings, Bi:Lingual, it is a successful and explosive combination.
4-Piece Bi:Lingual established itself in the latter stages of 2012. The band consists of anger-fuelled Dylan Teague on vocals, Cypriot brothers George and Stephanos Louca on Guitar and Drums and Aaron Lythe on Bass. Their music can at one moment, have you hypnotised by haunting guitars and powerful lyrics and then in the next moment it could blow you off your feet with an all-out explosion of riffs and emotion.

Their debut EP ‘Dio Misa’ comes as a huge breath of fresh air in a musical time over ruled by whining songwriters and auto-tuned barbie dolls. There isn’t a trace of either when Bi:Lingual are involved, just punked up riffs and lyrics so hot they could give a naked flame a run for its money.

If pigs could fly… They’d probably drop their jaws at the sight of these four kids, based in the small English town of Middlesbrough.


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