Getting Cozy With… Mr.Sands!

Mr.SandsHi everybody! We are Mr.Sands, a five piece rock band from Dublin Ireland consisting of Dylan Cunningham, Joseph Orr, John Casey, Keith Bernard and Shane Mooney.

Some fun facts on Mr.Sands . . .

– We formed in 2010 when we all worked for Cineworld Cinemas, we threw ourselves together for a work Halloween party and have been together since!

– We had no name for our first gig but right before we went on the fire alarm went off in the venue so the MC who worked for Cineworld introduced us as “Mr.Sands” as this is the code word for fire in the cinema!

– We wrote our first original song as our singer (who we didn’t know very well at the time) got too drunk, passed out but kept singing “NA Na Na Na Na Na” for the chorus, the song became the focal point of our set for our first year!

Plans for 2013 . . .
– We’ve just released our first video “Don’t Stop Me” and plan to push that as far as it will go,
– We will record our first EP in June and have everything to go for an end of August release!

– We’ve gigged pretty much all the popular venues in Dublin so the goal is to get more involved in festivals, radio and try to break outside of Dublin!


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