Getting Cozy With… Pet Friends!

Pet FriendsHey there people,

pet friends. (pet friends)…. pet friends => PET FRIENDS. we’re a four piece band who make music in a shed in Northwood. It doesn’t have to be like this. We have been jamming together for about five months now and have recently finished our first demo. Its called Pet Friends Demo. It sounds really tasty. In our wooden cocoon we have been writing, practicing and recording furiously. We’re often furious as it is a too hot/too cold sort of shed. Soon we shall emerge from it as a beautiful moth that will munch through the damp towel that is ‘the UK music industry’. We have names and they are: James, Tom, Matt and James but the people closest to us call us Pet Friends. We have songs with names like: Don’t, Expect You To, Money, US2. We also have songs with names like: fastone, anothernewone, chords, randombit. We like guitars and drums and bass and electribe madness. We also like The Mars Volta and Wild Beasts but thats a whole separate kettle of fish. Very soon we will be playing gigs in London and in Hertfordshire and we can’t wait to see you there, yay. :) (double thumbs up) but until then have a listen to our tracks on BandCamp, hopefully there will be a few more up there soon and hopefully you will like them.

Bye Bye, Pet Friends.


BandCamp //

[bandcamp track=523922557  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=8e42bb size=venti]

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