Five Favourite Fab Gigs: We’re No Heroes

We’re No Heroes are a band who are no strangers to AMBY! Between an interview, using them in multiple playlists, and some upcoming features, we’ll never get enough We’re No Heroes. The band simply need to come to Toronto to show everyone a good time. So until then, WNH filled the concert void as they spoke about their five favourite fab gigs!

1) Red Hot Chili Peppers & !!! (Chk Chk Chk) at Earl’s Court London
This was my introduction to one of my now, favorite bands of all time. I grew up listening to the RHCP and was excited for their storming, filled with energy and fire they are renowned for, their camaraderie on stage but nothing prepared us for the sheer dimension of !!! (chk chk chk). Their mixture free love rave culture and proficient musicianship created this organic dance explosion iv’e been fasinated with ever since. I remember vividly Dewey, TC & I complaining how much the bass was effecting our chest, you could literally not breathe right as their sound and good vibrations filled the venue and each persons body. That or it was because we were stood right next to the gargantuan stadium size bass bins.

2) Mount Kimbie at Cardiff Art’s Institute
When you listen to Mount Kimbie on record it’s always an interesting experience. To see them create these sounds in real time is mind boggling. The beauty of Cardiff is acts like this are in a way forced to submit to tight and dank venues of this size and it makes the experience even more intense and inward.

3) We’re No Heroes Quiet Colours Launch Party
Launching our first official record into the world after a year of working on it was a great experience. The best part of it was throwing a party in our base of Cardiff to celebrate. While you lock yourself up away from the world to work on your music you never really get the intended listeners reaction until you take it out to the public like this. It’s a very fond memory and one of our greatest shows live. It was a lot of fun.

4) The Invisible /// LIARS at SWN Festival 2012
To watch Dave Okumu, Tom Herbert & Leo Taylor on their instruments harks back to the days of true musicianship but not in the flash & pretentious respect. They humbly play their instruments with skill and finesse creating a dark yet warm & energetic atmosphere through their live show, something you can hear through out thier latest record but are one of the only bands that I can say I’ve seen live who can translate this exact into their live set. Straight after the show we went to watch Liars, which was equally incredible but 100 times more brutal!

5) The Xx – Reading Festival 2009
Just after The Xx had released their debut album but were still relatively unknown, they played one of the smallest stages at the Reading Festival at about 2pm in the afternoon just before Titus Andronicus. It was the hottest day of the festival, everyone was super chilled out and hungover, the band handed out ‘X’ frisbees to the crowd to throw about during the performance and t-shirts, it was quite beautiful, the music just floated through the summer air. It stood out from most of the sets I saw that weekend (that and Radiohead’s 2 hour epic set). They played Cardiff not long ago but nothing can really beat seeing a band live before they blow up.


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