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Friday ClubWe are Friday Club a 4 piece Rock & Roll band from Birmingham. We consist of Josh, Davo, Doug & Myles and we make music. We have been swept up in the hype of the whole B-TOWN thing, but we are trying not to get too caught up in that (Birmingham is really under the microscope). We have our own identity… We don’t play washed out surf music, or effect laden pretty songs; we play direct, in your face Rock and Roll tunes about real life. We are all from the same place (went to the same schools in fact), played in bands before and that’s how we met. Fall down Kids is the track that has brought us to the attention of a lot of people, but there is plenty more to come from us… That just scratches the surface of our sound. New tracks coming soon and plenty of opportunities to see us live. We will be gigging all over the country this year, so… Look out for us… Come to our gigs and have a drink with us.


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