The Money Go Round: Concert Review & Photos!

The Money Go Round’s latest single Endless Sun made it as AMBY’s Song of the Day earlier this week, and they also recently released a video clip for the song. It’s summery, it’s fun, and has an awesome vintage feel, with awesome effects and style. The song doesn’t stray far from The Money Go Round’s murky Yayaya and psychedelic, driven Silicon GirlEndless Sun is very Beatles-inspired (think Magical Mystery Tour era) with a touch of Hendrix. Don’t assume the song’s just for summer, either — these guys live in Sydney where winter is about to hit, but it clearly hasn’t stopped them from pulling in listeners from the other side of the world where the song is perfect for their holiday vibes.

I had the opportunity to see The Money Go Round playing live on Friday. After not seeing them for quite a few months it was great to hear a pumped-out, energetic set with J’s vocals strong as usual, and with a range of songs that encouraged both groovy dancing and sharper headbopping attitudes. They played at Spectrum in Sydney; a venue I had passed far too many times but never actually visited.

Three other bands were in line to support the band: Big White, The Chitticks and The Messengers. The Chitticks didn’t turn up, which left the whole show finishing before midnight despite a late 9:30pm start. Big White pulled out a bunch of rock tunes, which started out grungy and a tad awkward, but built up their set with some better, catchier songs.

The Messengers, from Melbourne, were up next. A few of the members of the band appeared to be brothers or cousins, and they had a female backing vocalist which added to the mix. With seven people on stage at the one time, these guys belted it out with a jazzy opener, the keyboardist really adding some flavour with his powered playing. At this point I was a little more inspired to photograph — it had been a very slow, quiet night with a small audience.

The Messengers proved their talent with one of their backing vocalists switching with their drummer, only for their drummer to lead in an excellent rendition of the Beatles’ She Came in Through the Bathroom Window.

The Money Go Round were well prepared for their short, seven-song set, but played a good thirty-to-forty minutes of very driven, powerful rock. People warmed up to the music and its energy and they danced and got their feet moving.

It was the first time the band played Endless Sun, which had a rougher, stronger sound live. The coloured lighting really added to the mood, the crisp guitars by brothers Rohan and Evan, wondrous bass by Marco, and Nick’s drumming just flawless. The Money Go Round really do put a new spin on “rock and roll”.

Also in their setlist were their previously released singles Silicon Girl and Yayaya, which concluded the set. It was short and sweet but it was a great way to end the night. Keep an eye on this band because they are bound to come out with more great music.

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