Twin Forks: Video Interview & Concert Review

Twin ForksTwin Forks at The Drake was one of the best concert experiences I’ll ever have. I had the opportunity of meeting an inspiration, interviewing an incredible band, and watching an extremely energetic and fun gig.

The reason I started AMBY was because of my love for writing, and the main person to fire this passion is Chris Carrabba. I’ve been a massive Dashboard Confessional fan for years, so meeting my biggest inspiration was a truly surreal experience for me. As much as we’re huge fans of DC, Twin Forks are a totally different project, and yet are just as wonderful.

Before the show, Yaz, Maddie, and I were able to hang around the venue and watch everyone set-up. Everyone was extremely humble and we could just tell it was going to be a night full of surprises. We actually got to chat with them before doing the interview! Even though everyone was relaxed, there was a certain positive anticipation and anxiety for the show to come. The band definitely made it a memorable night between Yaz playing Chris’ guitar and talking alternate tunings, chatting with Suzie about the tour, and speaking with Jon about new films and bands we love.

I can easily state this is one of my favourite interviews on AMBY. Twin Forks’ answers were great, and the band made everything feel natural even though I honestly was nervous to interview such a talented group of people. We spoke about the origin of Twin Forks, upcoming music, their other bands, and a whole lot more, so take a peek below!


Other than the interview, the show itself was great- I had two views which I loved. One was watching the band enjoy themselves as they spilled their passion into the music. And two was looking back at the crowd with smiles, as they were loving the new vibes. As far as the music goes, Twin Forks have put a lovely spin on folk music with powerful vocals, delightful harmonies, sweet mandolin riffs, and ridiculous basslines.

The band had a fantastic energy which filled the room; they even rocked so hard Ben’s ride symbol fell off and almost hit Chris! All in all, it was a joyful night of music and passion for everyone. Everything felt so fresh, yet seasoned. And the enthusiasm was absolutely glistening.


I would just like to send out a huge thank you to Jack and Rich for making this interview happen. And of course a massive thanks to Ben, Suzie, Jonathan, and Chris. The day meant so much to us, and we really appreciate you taking the time to do the interview, and have a chat. We cannot wait to see you next time in Toronto!

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