You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Human”

DaughterHuman by Daughter

Daughter’s debut album is something that I really think you must listen to this year. Incredibly atmospheric in terms of its sonics, If You Leave, is best heard late at night, quietly through your earphones, or softly whirring on your record player (because vinyl makes me happy.)

Spooky, haunting and intimate, Daughter are recognizable for their tender poetry in their lyrics and Elena Tora’s voice that can send shivers down your spine within seconds.

Human is by far the standout track on the record and as soon as you get to the bit where she croons “And despite everything I’m still human” I guarantee that your heart will have melted. It’s beautiful. I love the idea that no matter how creepy, distant, intense, introverted, extroverted, whatever, we are all still human. And yes that may sound incredibly cheesy, but no matter all the emotional turmoil we go through, I really think it’s important to just breathe and remember we’re still human and we can get through it.


Cultured Lad aka @aculturedlad

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