Getting Cozy With… Biggles Flys Again!

Biggles Flys AgainHey, we’re Biggles Flys Again and we just released our debut album ‘Remember Saturday’. We’re from Dublin, Ireland. The band members are Conor Deasy, Michael Murphy, Ciaran Fortune, and Ben Shorten. Conor started the band when he was 16 and started recording music on a tascam 4 track. That approach of layering lots of instruments is how our music developed. For the album we recorded the basis of the tracks in a studio and then recorded overdubs in a home studio. Our music is inspired by pop music from the 60’s-00’s. Harry Nillsson, Paul Mc Cartney, Ray Davies, Brian Wilson, Johnathon Richman, Lou Reed, Gruff Rhys, Supertramp, Richard Swift, Sean Lennon, Elliott Smith. We’re currently planning some touring in Europe and the US for later this year.


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