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Geraint RhysHi Friends out there in the Universe, my name is Geraint Rhys a bi-lingual singer songwriter from South Wales singing in both Welsh and English. You pronounce the G in my name like you would the G in Garage and the raint part of my name the same you would in the word pint. Good luck with that 1 :)

I have been playing my own music live around Wales for a year now and am currently recording my debut album. The year ahead will be busy with three single releases scheduled all with a video to be announced. This will be followed with the release of the album, so keep an eye out for the first of these singles which will hopefully be out around June time.

Important to me is not only creating songs that people enjoy for their musicality, but also songs that are lyrically thought provoking and poignant. Reggae, folk, rock and pop influences stream through my music where I merge meaningful messages with memorable melodies. (I’m basically sick of hearing songs about how people are devastated after a break up, it gets boring :P !!)

You can listen to one of my Welsh language songs on the JuntaRecords link below and see a few of my videos on YouTube. This year promises to be an exciting one so please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and @Juntarecords for gig info and song releases, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for anything, even if it is just a chat about how to say my name.

In the mean time stay safe Universe and I will see you all soon.


Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud // Junta Records //

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