Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Young Galaxy

Young GalaxyAMBY caught up with Young Galaxy’s Matthew Shapiro where we learn about how growing up across Canada has influenced their song writing, how they would describe their sound and what’s on their playlist.  Have a read below and gain some insight into the new and amazing album Ultramarine, and what their personal favourite tracks are. Thanks for giving us your answers Young Galaxy!

AMBY: For all those prospective listeners out there, how would you describe your sound?

Young Galaxy: I’m actually really terrible at answering that question. I usually just say ‘pop music’. Honestly, the amount of times I’ve heard the word ‘balearic’ and ‘tropical’ the last few months…I’m still scratching me head. After all, this was recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden. Not exactly Ibiza.

AMBY: How, if at all, has being Canadian influenced your music?

Young Galaxy: It definitely has influenced the songwriting. The five members that make up the group come from all over Canada, from BC to Quebec, and all that background gets funneled creatively through Montreal. Canadians love their summers and in a way, this album is a celebration of those few fleeting months.

AMBY: What’s a personal favourite track you’re produced thus far?

Young Galaxy: From ‘Ultramarine’, I’m a big fan of “Out the Gate Backwards’ because of how much fun it is to play live. Lots of energy, lots of movement.

Then again, ‘We have Everything’ always kills live and that song is a banger, in my humble opinion.

AMBY: What’s one of the craziest moments you’ve had touring as a band?

Young Galaxy: Plenty of crazy stuff happens at our shows, but driving through the mountains in BC during a blizzard and not being able to see 3 feet in front of the car? I still wake up in cold sweats to this day.

AMBY: Who were the last three artists/bands you listened to?

Young Galaxy: Kurt Vile, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Neil Young

AMBY: Looking forward to the upcoming release of Ultramarine; how would you describe the feel of the album?

Young Galaxy: I think it touches on a range of different emotions. Because we didn’t set out to make a concept album, it feels less confined to a particular feeling. We were more interested in putting together 10 songs that we could be proud of.

AMBY: What can we expect in the near future from Young Galaxy?

Young Galaxy: Shows. Lots of shows. And hopefully an EP sometime soon.

AMBY: Tell AMBY something you’re listeners might be surprised to know.

Young Galaxy: Our bassist, Stephen Kamp literally never washes his hair, ever. and it looks so great. Trade secret.


Thank you Young Galaxy, for giving us your answers!

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