You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Jamie Parisio”

Jamie ParisioTangles Never Tire by Jamie Parisio

The song starts with a few seconds of drum beats, but when you now think it’s going to be some sort of heavy and very rocking song, you’re wrong.

Tangles Never Tire from the EP “You Promised Me The Sea” turns out to be a smooth, calm and very flowing song. Jamie Parisio from London shows how life could be described and tells us that he wouldn’t want to change the past or his life, because it’s good just the way it is. However, when he starts singing “I wouldn’t change you for the world” I almost started to cry. Those heart-rending lyrics combined with the sweet and warm sound of Jamie’s voice and some drum, guitar and violin sounds make it a really beautiful song. So whenever you hear Tangles never Tire, turn it as loud as you can and let the song affect you; simply enjoy it.

Katrin Kugler

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