Getting Cozy With… Silver Arm!

SilverarmSILVER ARM ARE a band from rural England that make intense psychedelic music that will tear your face off like a horse with a machine gun.

SILVER ARM LOVE the beautiful green central Bedfordshire woodpecker, early 80s American hardcore, British post punk, fictional languages, heavy metal, The Supremes, the building of pyramids, The Stooges, Devo, tales of rural terror both historical and current, The Mothers Of Invention, The 13th Floor Elevators, the traditional biscuit and shoe-making industries, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, the exploration of new continents and planets and the frigid air that drifts through the copses and lanes of England in the 21st century, which is the same air that drifted through them a thousand years ago.

SILVER ARM TIRE OF gap-year banjos, the fact that so many records sound like bedrooms, or of no rooms, or of nothing, the fact that so many records sound like they were made by people living in an optimistic world of sun and promise, the fact that so many records have no ambition beyond sounding nice, being polite.

SILVER ARM ARE releasing new single Dead Tongues on April 29. You can hear it ahead of that at Silver Arm’s first two singles, Hippies and Man The Falcons were both played by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music. Upcoming London shows include Feed Your Head at Mother Live, 333 Old Street on April 27, and at The Miller, London Bridge, on June 21.


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