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Auction for the Promise ClubEllo you lovely AMBY lot!

We are a band called Auction for the Promise Club.  The band first got together in 2009 in deepest darkest Cornwall.   The band started gigging around Truro, St Agnes, Perranporth, Falmouth etc.  A few places in Cornwall that we haven’t played are – Praze n Beeble, Water ma Trout, Ventongimps, Goongumpass – as you can tell, these are clearly some places that were at the front of the que when they were handing out place names.

We rehearse in a cold, rat infested room beside a train track, we imaginatively call it the ‘rat room’.  Trains regularly thunder past and scare the rats.  We live by the sea.  Zoe paints pictures.  Perran takes photographs.  Toby is currently herding sheep.

Zoe is Toby’s sister.  Perran, from Perranporth, Perranzabuloe Parish is related to 87% of the population of Northern Europe.  At the moment Zoe plays guitar and sings in the band, with Perran on guitar and the one eyed piccolo and Toby on drums.

We have just shot a new video to a single that we will be releasing soon called ‘Walk the Line’.  Please stay tuned to the bands Facebook page for more information on the release date.

We hope you like our band!

Take care all,


Zogga, Toby and Pezzle


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