Getting Cozy With… Ex-Cowboy!

Photo by Ramsey Borrego

Well the long and short end of Ex-Cowboy could be summed up in a mere campfire or bedtime story, but our sound lends to both our passion for the art of story telling along with a penchant for melodic music. We draw from dark fairy tales of folk, and we play with the parameters of pop, and somewhere in between the lonely bars and sought out DIY shows, we sing you songs of lonesomeness and sought out purity. Our line-up can get as confusing as the idea of life thriving in the desert, but you know such things happen, and much like how Tucson is the home of Ex-Cowboy, our desert sound can always be a home for any who experience it. So come kindly like a duder and come take from us givers!


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Alicia Atout

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